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Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique

Active release technique boston

Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), developed by Dr. Michael Leahy, DC, CCSP, is a system designed to treat soft tissue (muscles, tendons & ligaments) dysfunction. The basic principles of A.R.T are easy to understand although very difficult to perform. In order to treat the soft tissue properly, the practitioner must have an extensive background in the field of anatomy and finely tuned palpation skills.

At the risk of over simplifying the technique, the injured or altered structure is shortened, and a soft contact is used just distal to the injured area where tension is developed into the lesion. While the contact tension is maintained, the altered structure is lengthened using active motion or in some cases passive motion. During this motion, the lesion is palpated and the contact is changed accordingly. This will allow the practitioner to concentrate the tension on the appropriate tissue.

When utilized properly, Active Release Techniques will achieve the following:

  • Restore motion of muscles and joints
  • Release entrapped nerves,vasculature and lymphatics
  • Reestablish optimal texture, strength and function of soft tissue


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