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Corporate Partnerships – Individual Wellness

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3 – Individual Wellness

The Boston Bodyworker Corporate Partnership program is a combination of:
(1) on-site, chair massages for your employees
(2)regularly scheduled in-service wellness presentations
(3) and individual follow-up incentives for employees interested in personalized massage and lifestyle programs.

Individual Wellness

The Boston Bodyworker extends the corporate wellness program to the individual level. In addition to providing your company with keys to a healthier well-being at the group level, we will provide individual feedback and services to your employees that are specific to their lifestyles.

The Boston Bodyworker specializes in treating the effects of lower crossed and upper crossed syndromes. These patterns of individual lifestyle activity combined with the effects of gravity, cause our bodies to react to the demands we place on them. These changes in our posture often are felt through discomfort and pain.

The way we sit, sleep, run, walk, bend and work are all have an impact on our bodies, which we aim to address and relieve.

As part of our individual employee attention, we conduct employee workstation assessments and recommendations on ways to improve posture, alignment, seating habits and technology layout to facilitate a better working environment.

Additionally, your employees can take advantage of individual assessments with trained and licensed Boston Bodyworker therapists.

Should your employees decide that massage therapy is a good option for them, they’ll be entitled to a corporate discounted rate via your involvement in our corporate wellness program. (Employee Discounts are contingent upon corporate chair massages of at least once every 3 months.)

Individual Benefits

  • Workstation Assessment
  • Workstation Recommendations
  • Therapist Consultation
  • Discounted Rates

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