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Corporate Partnerships – Corporate Wellness Education

corporate wellness massage

2- Corporate Wellness Education

The Boston Bodyworker Corporate Partnership program is a combination of:
(1) on-site, chair massages for your employees
(2)regularly scheduled in-service wellness presentations
(3) and individual follow-up incentives for employees interested in personalized massage and lifestyle programs.

Corporate Wellness Information

The Boston Bodyworker provides in-service, wellness education seminars for employees seeking health and lifestyle information as it relates to their daily activities and physical well-being. Our demanding work life in combination with our family responsibilities and physical activities can impact our bodies in significant ways. Understanding those implications, how to correct them, prevent them, and treat them are keys to a healthier body.

Drew Freedman, owner of The Boston Bodyworker, will meet with your employees in a casual setting and educate them on topics that are helpful in improving our physical health. These sessions are best suited for groups of 5-10 people, but can easily accommodate up to 100 based on your needs.

A regularly scheduled series of seminars ranging in topics that are important to your employees can be scheduled on a monthly basis, or as your company scheduling permits.

BBW Wellness Topics

  • Posture and its impacts on the body
  • Lifestyles in and out of the office
  • How our activities affect us
  • The benefits of stretching
  • Simple stretching techniques
  • How clinical massage can help
  • Q&A: Ask Drew Anything

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