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Our Massage Therapists

The Boston Bodyworker offers you the newest breed of massage therapists. Practitioners at The Boston Bodyworker are licensed by the state of Massachusetts and hold multiple certifications in various massage and bodywork disciplines. Many of the staff are working full time in the field of massage therapy. In addition, therapists of The Boston Bodyworker are constantly improving and honing their craft through our continuing education assistance program.

The CE assistance program, as well as an ongoing in-house training program called Boston Bodyworker University, gives us the ability to understand your issues by carefully assessing and evaluating your condition and moving directly to the problem areas. Our therapists work closely with one another, giving you the added advantage of a team of professionals who are available to each other to discuss proper treatment protocols and patient care solutions. Our Bodywork professionals work hand in hand with a variety of doctors such as general practitioners, physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers and surgeons. This integration of healthcare helps us achieve the results and goals you are seeking from our services. The union of eastern and western medicine brings us one step closer to understanding the human body and all of its intricacies. Welcome to the evolution of Muscular Therapy. Welcome to the Boston Bodyworker!

Meet the Owner

Drew Freedman Boston Bodyworker

Drew Freedman - Principal & Founder

Drew Freedman, owner and founder of The Boston Bodyworker is a graduate of the University of South Florida Sports Medicine Program and The Sun Coast School of Massage Therapy. He is Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as well as an Approved provider for Continuing Education through the National Certification Board of Massage Therapy and Bodywork. On top of Drew’s daily commitments to The Boston Bodyworker, he also presents at various workshops and conferences on topics ranging from business to bodywork. He is fortunate to have shared the classroom as an instructor with some of the the industry’s most sought after and respected educators, like Whitney Lowe, founder of the Academy of Clinical Massage, Rick Garbowski, owner of Georgia Massage School and Erik Dalton, PhD, founder of the Freedom From Pain Institute. He has helped educate, mentor and coach therapists of various disciplines, the importance of informed bodywork, biomechanics, orthopedic assessment, evaluation skills, as well as the ability to apply sound clinical reasoning strategies to their practices. Drew's approach and dedication to honing and promoting his passion for massage therapy has earned him national acclaim in various massage publications as well as the respect from his peers around the world

Drew’s 20 plus years of experience have allowed him to work at both the professional and collegiate level of competitive athletics. During his eight and a half years in Florida, Drew served as Head Trainer for the women’s volleyball team and the Assistant Trainer for the men’s basketball team at the University of South Florida. He has worked with a variety of athletes including the New Jersey Nets, the Tampa Bay Mutiny, the Canadian National Softball team and the U.S. Olympic Volleyball team.

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Meet Our Copley Square Team

koray_bio copy

Koray- LMT

Copley Square & Seaport

During his self-actualization journey, Koray tried a wide range of things from sky diving to traditional office jobs. He realized that he had to do something physical which had a meaningful, positive impact in other people’s lives. Massage therapy was a perfect way to help others, work with his hands, feed his interest in physiology and share his belief in whole body health. It also offered an endless opportunity for learning new things and mastering new skills.

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Thomas - LMT

Copley Square

Thomas found massage after a long personal journey. He was an active athlete growing up playing baseball soccer and basketball as well as lacrosse and some track and field in high school. He has worked with MMA fighters and boxers so his skills offer variety. Tom mainly focuses on Sports massage in which he uses Myofascial release therapy techniques with trigger point and stretch therapies.

Thomas takes a lot of pride in his ability to explain the body to his clients. He very much preaches communication in his massages. Talking about how pressure feels and what kind of sensations the clients are feeling allows him to make accurate decisions when trying to release, relax, and restore muscles.

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Jay Boston Massage Therapist

Jay - LMT

Copley Square

Jay Tonge started out providing intuitive massage as a child, learning to address the aches and pains of family members. Jay’s understanding of the effects of touch and soft-tissue manipulation developed alongside a passion for anatomy, medical science, and holistic health, and they graduated from The Massage School in Boston’s South End in 2017. There, they learned multiple modalities and techniques from which they draw even greater experience and understanding.

Jay regularly utilizes shiatsu stretching, trigger point therapy, and intentional touch in their sessions, and is eager to learn more about neuromuscular relationships; how relationships between the mind and the body establish distinct patterns of movement and posture.

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Gina Massage Therapist

Gina - LMT

Copley Square

Gina has been exploring the mind-body connection ever since receiving her first massage in 2013. While visiting a friend in Thailand, she figured she had to experience the highly recommended Thai massage. She was astonished and very pleased to discover a new awareness of her body. It was as if the massage had awakened underused muscles and tissues, leading to an improved sense of range of motion and vitality. The results were more than just mechanical. Her body felt more connected and whole. Her mind seemed to communicate better with the body, allowing her to notice certain compensatory patterns and postural issues as well. She has since continued to explore the wisdom of the body through a variety of activities she had always enjoyed, but with an enhanced perception and curiosity of how the body optimally functions. Dancing, yoga, surfing, and snowboarding all became exercises and lessons of the mind-body connection.

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Will Boston Massage Therapist

Will - LMT

Copley Square

Will received his education at the Sutherland-Chan Massage Therapy and Teaching Clinic in Toronto ON. While at school Will’s focus was on evidence-based practice with the use of Orthopedic assessments and maintaining detailed clinical notes as a reference point for both him and his clients. He also had the privilege to participate in several sporting events and attended specialty clinics where he treated patients with various medical presentations ranging from spinal cord injuries, pelvic floor concerns, HIV/AIDS to various types and levels of cancer.

Before moving to Boston, he worked for a variety of clinics, multi-disciplinary establishments and spas where he learned to work with a large range of client presentations from medical concerns to preventative care. Will is a believer in a multi-disciplinary approach to health and well-being...

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Cody - LMT

Copley Square & Seaport

From a young age, Cody has been drawn to and focused on the health and happiness of the people around him. Having studied at the New Hampshire Institute of therapeutic arts and the Seacoast Massage School in Maine, Cody found his calling through Neuromuscular and Trigger point work and passed the MBLEX National test. Cody’s passion for the neurological system and the direct impact it has on the health and happiness of his clients, has been a driving force of his work over the last decade. Having also studied to be a combat medic and a logistics specialist in the military, his training further advanced his interest into the human body and the mind. Before moving to Boston, he worked at a Health and Wellness clinic in Portland, Maine.

Cody has practiced Kripalu yoga for 5 years and is an avid believer in connecting the body and mind on a daily basis. In his free time, Cody enjoys being outdoors, including hiking, kayaking, and fishing. He is also a garden enthusiast who prefers to grow what he eats in his own backyard.

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Sergio Boston Massage Therapist

Sergio - LMT, BCTMB


Copley Square

Sergio is a Board certified medical and orthopedic massage therapist with almost 10 years of experience. A native of Pamplona, Spain he had it clear from the beginning that he wanted to pursue a career in the health care field. He’s always been amazed at how marvelous and complex the human body can be. Sergio graduated from the University of Navarra, Spain where he majored in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

While practicing soccer for over 15 years, Sergio suffered first hand many of the usual sport injuries, such as sprained ankles or muscle tears, but it was his lower back pain that made him discover that therapeutic massage was more effective than the medication prescribed by his PCP. He soon realized that the wanted to become a Massage Therapist and make a difference in people’s lives.

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Solange Boston Massage Therapist

Solange - LMT

Copley Square

Solange joined the Boston Bodyworker in 2012 when she was just starting out in her career as a massage therapist. She has been Nationally Board Certified (BCTMB) and a Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist (COMT) since 2013. She is also certified in pre and perinatal massage (CPPMT) since 2015. She knew as a student that she wanted to work in an environment that promotes the clinical and sports side of massage and The Boston Bodyworker has been the perfect place for her to grow as a professional. Solange has always felt that the human body is an amazing and complex thing that we often do not use to its full potential. Solange’s goal as a therapist is to educate clients on how to feel good in their bodies. No one should have to live with constant pain or restriction, and through massage she has been able to help her clients achieve a more enjoyable way of moving and living.

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Meet Our Seaport Team

Jon Boston Massage Therapist

Jon - LMT

Seaport & Copley

Jonathan earned an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science for Massage Therapy from Morrisville State College in New York. While there, he received an extensive education on human anatomy and physiology in a program that consisted of equal parts Eastern and Western/Clinical Massage. Jonathan gravitated toward the more Clinical aspect, taking special interest in Medical Massage, Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. In school, he and other classmates ran a student clinic where he worked on student athletes and staff members who had been injured. After working at the clinic, he knew these where the type of patients he wanted to work with.

After graduating, Jonathan passed the NY state Board exam, as well as his National Board Exam.

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Adicel_bio copy

Adicel- LMT


Born in Brazil, Adicel moved to the United States when he was twenty years old to pursue the American dream. Over the years he worked his way from dishwasher to head chef, owned his own cleaning business, but was never completely fulfilled. He watched, listened and experienced his sister’s path into massage therapy, and her holistic approach to life, over the years. He knew she was onto something amazing and wanted to take part. He pursued it whole heartedly, passionately and found his true calling in massage therapy.

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Jim- LMT


Jim has been working as a massage therapist for more than 20 years with a concentration in corporate wellness and chair massage. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy.

He utilizes deep tissue, stretching, trigger point therapy in his sessions.

He sees personal wellness in the 21st century as a complex issue encompassing all aspects of one’s life including work, nutrition, exercise and massage. He tries to use massage as a an avenue for people to attain their best level of health. He enjoys cycling, judo, and walking with his dog Kate.

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Edward Boston Massgae Therapist

Edward- LMT


Edward Chao is a Licensed Massage Therapist and graduated from Cortiva Institute in 2014. Before that he studied five elements Acupuncture healing art 2004. Edward practiced pressure points to understand our human body’s healing power. In 2010, he realized he natural ability and started to use his fingers to activate the pressure points. It is a more effective way to enhance our body’s energy (Chi), patented as Acu-EnergyTouch. He also became a Reiki Master in 2014.

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Max Boston Massage Therapist

Max - LMT


After going through the Mass Art in the metals program, Max went on that same year to enroll in the Cortiva Institute’s highly regarded massage therapy program. During his time at Cortiva, Max was exposed to a wide variety of different massage modalities and approaches to bodywork. Given his upbringing in a household of medical professionals, Max has always had a strong interest in physiology and medicine and felt a strong pull towards the more clinical styles of bodywork while at school.

Max excels at Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy. He actively pursues a client base with injuries, soft tissue disorders, and postural distortions.

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