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Drew Freedman, Owner

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Guide to Better Posture

Its 2:30 on Thursday afternoon. You have been frantically working diligently on that project all week. There are times when it feels like the week will never end and other times when you wonder where all the time went. You start to squirm in your chair to get that kink out of your neck. You throw your elbows back stretching your chest while trying to squeeze away that burning feeling between your shoulder blades. You know that sitting is not what you should be doing, but what choice do you have? The project is due and the boss will not accept any excuses.

We have all read somewhere that sitting for a prolong period of time can impact our health significantly. You don't have "time" to consider these repercussions, or do you? You tell yourself; stand up. Move around. Go take a 10 minute break to recharge your battery (You read that somewhere too).

Stepping outside and breathing in the fresh air, you immediately feel better. You reach into your pocket, grab your phone and start to scan through twitter, Facebook, or whatever else you do on your irreplaceable piece of technology. Standing, with your chin dropped, head falling forward and eyes looking down, you spend the next 9 minutes perusing on your phone.

When you get back to your desk to settle back into your project you are distressed to realize that you don't feel any better at all.

Why is that?

Frustrated, you begin pounding away again at the keyboard. The only difference between your discomfort from earlier and now is that it’s compounded now by your annoyance that the “10-minute break” you read about that was supposed to be so helpful has now made you more aware of your pain AND you are annoyed that you wasted 10 minutes of your valuable time for nothing.

I think you see where this is headed. Going from one physically aggravating activity to another one that is equally detrimental to your body, will certainly not help you. Lets face it; we have to get our jobs done. The question we need answered is, how can we do this without running ourselves into the ground? Posture related issues are the primary contributors to the majority of complaints we see come through our doors. You may not think your posture has anything to do with your neck hurting after a game of tennis or your low back hurting because you simply bent over to pick a pencil up off the floor, but I can assure you it is a major factor.

Your body is placed under tremendous physical stress from daily bouts with bad posture. When you go to use it for something as beneficial as a game of tennis, it is predisposed to potential injury because the soft tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) have been working in a compromised state due to your chronic poor posture.

Check out this helpful info-graphic that can provide you valuable insight on how improving your posture will help you to live a more pain free life.

Good Posture

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