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Jill – LMT

Boston Massage Therapist Jill

Jill began to explore the world of body work after traveling up and down California as a volunteer farmer. Working outside in a community was her vision of healing, but it became clear after days of carrying 10 gallon buckets of soil and water that there was a missing piece in finding true sustainability.

At Cortiva Institute, Jill began to identify her own restrictions as repetitive stress injury and Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. She aims to empower clients, the way she was empowered at school, to use the body awareness and self care coaching gained during massage therapy treatments as a foundation for becoming your own healer.

Jill is passionate about educating clients about modalities known to treat soft tissue, stretches that target specific muscles, and movement exercises to encourage balance. Ask her about the series of anatomy games she’s creating geared toward ideational, traditional, and playful learning styles.

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