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Corporate Massages

Boston Bodyworker Corporate Massages

On-site corporate chair massages consist of one therapist arriving with one chair. We require a minimum visit of 3 hours for our corporate massages. Our fee for each therapist is $85/hour. A typical hour of time can accommodate anywhere from 3 to 5 employees (10-20 min massages). So a typical 3 hour corporate massage visit can handle 9-15 employees. A single therapist can commonly handle a 6 hour shift allowing for either 2 15 min breaks or a half hour break.

If companies are seeking to steam line this service and prevent a staffer from being overwhelmed with scheduling issues, we can provide them with an on-line scheduling option that would eliminate any disruption to the work place. This service is offered for corporate massages at an additional charge of $10/hour/therapist.

In the past we have performed corporate massages for companies as small as 10 employees to as large as companies such as Price Waterhouse, Gillette, and MFS.

We can provide your business with alternative services that would align The Boston Bodyworker with your company to provide your employees with a viable wellness option. The Boston Bodyworker does this by providing professional presentations on topics such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, ergonomics, stretching and other wellness topics that can help improve the health and well-being of your employees. If you are interested in corporate massages or these opportunities, we encourage you to call us so we can customize a partnership that addresses your company’s specific needs and goals.

BBW Corporate Massages

  • Increase employee morale!
  • Relieve stress and tension!
  • Are flexible & customizable!
  • Save time by coming to you!
  • Are extremely affordable!
  • Are performed by a certified therapist!
  • Employee Online Scheduling

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Corporate Massages – Rates

# of Employees Therapists Rates*
9-15 1 $255
16-30 1 $510
31-45 2 $765
46-60 2 $1,020
61 or more
3+ Call for Pricing

*Suggested Corporate Massage Packages

Our Corporate Massage Rates are provided as a resource for suggested scheduling. The Boston Bodyworker will customize corporate massages solutions for your company’s specific needs and number of employees.

Take advantage of our simple-to-use, online scheduling system for ONLY $10/hr

boston chair massage

Save yourself the hassle of scheduling your employees’ corporate massages. For just $10, our online scheduling system makes coordinating your corporate massages quick and easy. After your employees sign up from the available time slots, we’ll even remind them the day of their massage with an email so that they know where and when to be ready for their chair massage.

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